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About Us
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July 20, 2010


Welcome to Turquoise Autumn, one strand of my shamanic practice.


The company represents the braiding of many of the strands that knit me together: a family of jewelers and jewelry collectors; rock collecting; love of geology, minerology, gems, and jewelry; beading; light and color therapy investigation; study of indigenous and alternative healing modalities, and completing a Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship Program in June 2007.


In fact, the whole idea for the company comes out of shamanic journey where I asked for relief from the pain I'd been experiencing in my knees -- probably due to osteoarthritis.


I'd had the Dalmatian Jasper, Turquoise and Black Agate (the stones you see in the company's logo) for quite a while but since I'd only worked in glass up to then, I was reluctant to use them.


The weekend I took an Intensive Beginning Workshop in Shamanic Journeying (with Lenore Norgaard of Circle of the Living Earth) my knees were killing me, the pain made worse by having to get up and down from floor chairs for our activities.


So, when Lenore led us to taking journeys for healing, I decided my intention would be to ask for relief from the pain in my knees. And that's what I did.


The results stunned me. All at once, images of the stones--the Dalmatian Jasper, Turquoise, Black Agate, and yet to be purchased Malachite--began flashing before my eyes, while I heard the instruction "make the necklace" repeat in the same rhythm.


I agreed, and I felt intense heat in my knees as well as my big toes and thumbs (parts of my body susceptible to arthritic pain). When I came back from the journey, the pain I'd been experiencing all weekend was gone!


Of course I made the necklace and wear it whenever my knees, thumbs, or toes remind me that I'm aging and wearing down. And hence, the birth of Turquoise Autumn: where I get to play with spirit to provide balance, harmony, and healing from color, minerals, and light.


Towards balance, harmony, health, and love for all,